Alex Cross

Let me explain why I love Alex Cross.



I have been having this recurring dream lately.

Stream of Consciousness

I have five minutes. I shouldn't start something.  I only have five minutes. I can probably write something, if I write it fast. My hair is in my way.  I need a haircut. Alright, I need a brilliant idea.  Of course I only have four minutes in which to turn said brilliant idea into writing. Four... Continue Reading →


Writing is a business.  I'm learning this the hard way.  Like any good business, it's hard to break into.  I liken it to trying to get your very first job.  You remember how that went, right? Interviewer: Describe your previous experience. You: Well, I've never had a job before. Interviewer (frowning): We are looking for... Continue Reading →

Free Chapter

This will be a quick post. It's an invitation. Head over to my NEW author Facebook page There's a video there that explains everything.

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