Tap Dancing is Weird

Among all my crazy NaNoWriMo writing, which I’m probably not doing as much of as I should, I’ve still been living life with a full time job and trying to be active and attentive with my kids.  So this post is about my recent excursion into my 6-year-old daughter’s dance class, because it was observation night.


My daughter is learning both tap and ballet, which is cool.  They start with their tap shoes on.  The teacher, with a full audience of parents, explains the move to the kids.  “It’s a spank–”

My lovely daughter: “Why do you have to call it that?  You don’t spank our butts.”

“That’s what it’s called.  A spank goes backwards and a brush goes forward.”

The girls all giggle, but proceed with the move.  Then it’s my daughters turn.  Now somewhere along the line my daughter has decided to remove the bows that hold her tap shoes tied.  I’m not sure why or when she did this.  Here she is, happily spanking along the floor (man, tap dancing is weird) and suddenly the shoe flies off her foot.

“Oh no, I spanked so hard my shoe fell off.”

Cue the need to hide my laughter behind my hand and act like a mature parent.

Yes, in tap dance, this sentence is a thing.  Happy Writing!


Now I’m Ready

Dear Literary Agents Worldwide,

I see it now.  When I first starting sending query letters, you read between the lines.  I wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t skilled enough at writing a novel to see the next one forming already.  I surely wasn’t skilled enough to have the revision process down.  Hell, I was still shocked I’d even finished a story the first time I sent a query letter.

Wait, it’s done?

For that first novel, the one that sat in my google drive for two long years after I tried sending out five heartbreaking query letters, I wasn’t even convinced it was good.  I absolutely was not ready to jump with both feet into the writing business and abandon my day job.  I loved teaching.  I was good at teaching.  Somehow, among all those words on the query, you saw that.


Fast forward to today.  Finished novels, edited novels, honing my craft, and studying my craft.  Calling myself a writer.  Writing.  Editing.  Reading.  Repeat.  I’m ready.

I still love my day job, like many great authors before me have loved teaching.  But when you have the opportunity to bring our your inner child and let them loose in the real world to live their dream, you do it.  My inner child wants to write.  Every single day.  She wants to set her stories and ideas loose on the world.  She is ready.

So this time I hope the newest batch of query letters have that passion between the lines of type.  Together we can make the stories a reality.

Faithfully Writing,


NaNoWriMo, Post 2

If you’re anything like me participating in NaNoWriMo started off as an easy “oh yeah, I got this” task.  By now, day 5, it’s already a little more like “oh I’ll get this, eventually, but maybe not by the deadline”.  In fact the helpful little counter on the website has gone from telling me I’ll finish by November 28th to telling me I’ll finish by December 9th.  Oops.

Anyway I really should get back to my story.  Here’s a funny comic to give you a laugh if you’re stressing about NaNo too.

I cannot explain why I find this so funny.  Enjoy.
I cannot explain why I find this so funny. Enjoy.